Stylish. Bold. Classic. #LUJAClothing

At LUJA® Clothing we pride ourselves on exceptional hand crafted swimwear and quality designs. Based in London, we are working with the best in luxury materials and selecting our own colour Pantones® across the range, this is what makes us unique and in a class
of our own. Make a statement with LUJA® Clothing.

Tired of seeing the same dated and unappealing swimwear we decided to extensively search the high street and online to find something new. The style we desired was just not apparent. This sparked a great opportunity for us to set out on a new and exciting venture. The aim: to provide what we believe the market is looking for, so in the summer of 2016 we created
LUJA® Clothing.

We did not just want to accept what was available, this was our opportunity to create a brand that would inject life back into the market.

The future depends on what we do in the present.

LUJA® Clothing is a registered trademark.